My name is Michele Jacobs and I am running for Register of Deeds for Walworth County.

For over 15 years I have been employed by Walworth County. I worked for 13 years in the Clerk of Court’s office where I maintained the county’s court records. I am currently employed by Walworth County’s Corporation Counsel Office where I assist in the preparation and filing of various documents, including some that are later filed with the Register of Deeds Office. 

In addition to my strong record keeping background, over the years I have developed valuable working relationships with staff in many other county departments. My strong work ethic and dedication to public service has also earned me the endorsements of many department heads such as the Clerk of Courts, Kristina Secord, and District Attorney Zeke Wiedenfeld. 

I have assisted in transitioning various records to electronic record keeping systems, which has benefited citizens by making their records more accessible. As Register of Deeds I will continue to expand the records that are available electronically and I will continue to safeguard your records. I will ensure this is all done while maintaining a conservative budget. 

I am confident that my work history, determination, and compassion will allow me to effectively serve the citizens of Walworth County as Register of Deeds. 

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